Hervey Bay Downunder   

Hervey Bay Downunder is designed to showcase the spectacular natural marine life and the wonderful structures of our natural & artificial reefs that sit below the waters of Hervey Bay & Fraser Island, which most people never get the opportunity to see.  I have also included a great deal of information about fishing in Hervey Bay to satisfy those of you who prefer your fun above the waterline. 

Hi, my name is Sydney Tanner. SCUBA Diving and Fishing are two of my favourite pastimes and I have put this site together in the hope that other fans of these terrific water sports can enjoy and perhaps learn a little something they didn't know about our waterways. I take great joy in discovering new and exotic underwater marine life and structures, but I'm also a mad keen fisherman so you might also find me on the water taking something home for dinner!  Bringing you this feature packed website is the culmination of many years of hard but very enjoyable work.   Please, have fun! Syd.

SCUBA Diving

Fancy a little SCUBA Diving? Amongst other things, this site provides detailed information about the Roy Rufus Artificial Reef here in Hervey Bay. We have got maps depicting the locations of the main points of interest as well as historical information about each wreck.  We'll soon include an overview of local dive trip operators so you've got all the information in one place to plan, track and book your next dive trip to Hervey Bay.

Local Fishing

Our Fishing pages provide valuable information about all aspects of fishing in the calm and pristine waters of Hervey Bay.  We've got maps showing the best fishing spots, lists of all the major Tackle Shops in town as well as information about the top species you are likely to catch. 

Sound good?  There's a whole lot more waiting for you in our Fishing pages so click here to get started.